1. Correct School Uniform to be worn daily. Parents are expected to make sure that their wards are in proper uniform.


2. All items of uniform must be clean and well ironed; footwear must be regularly polished/washed.


3. All boys must have their hair trimmed regularly. Turbaned boys should tie their turbans neatly. Low waist narrow pants will not be treated as uniform. Boys are not permitted to wear jewellery/ ornaments, friendship bands, fancy and coloured frames for spectacles, fancy watches or fancy hair styles. It is compulsory for the boys to wear white vests.


4. Girls are not permitted to use coloured ribbons, clips or slides, make-ups, lipsticks, nail paints, henna, colourful earrings, expensive ornaments, friendship bands, colourful/fancy spectacles. Coloured or fancy hair style is also not permitted. Girls with long hair should have their hair plaited neatly and with black bands/pins. It is compulsory for the girls to wear white slips. Only school sports shorts must be worn during the games lesson.


5. Students who do not comply with the regulations are liable to be penalized and sent back home.


6. The school belts and I-cards are to be worn every day.


7. It is mandatory to attach name labels to all items of uniform to prevent loss.


Note: Habitual defaulters will be given a diary note on page 166. Parents are expected to acknowledge the same. If the student continues to default the authorities can take necessary action.