Our YPS Kindergarten has grown from strength to strength! It is now known as one of the foremost kindergarten in the city.
One of our major plus points is teacher child ratio. We have 20 children in each section and each class has its own maid who assists the child and teacher in every way.
The campus is truly lovely with towering trees and wide open spaces that enable the children to run free and play in wonderful green lawns and build sand castles and mountains in our amazing sandpits. Their are no dearth of swings and slides and the swimming pool is one of the highlights of the children and teachers hot summer’s day!
Our classrooms are well equipped with colourful children friendly furniture and toys and are wide and spacious enough to give every one space to feel happy and relaxed enough to put in a rewarding days work.
Our philosophy in the YPS Kindergarten is to help the child learn and grow in an unfettered imaginative way, through a plenty of songs, poems, plays and hands on learning experiences. This method prepares them for life and their future in this world that is full of wonder and challenge.
The Kindergarten children are provided with a healthy lunch that teaches them about sharing and how to eat in an orderly and well mannered way. It also teaches them to eat a well balanced and healthy meal which is very important in today’s world where junk food has become a way of life.
Music, art and games are important in YPS Kindergarten. And we see to it that all the children enjoy and learn from their experiences here with us.