Junior Wing

The School Junior Wing provides a nurturing and stimulating environment in the foundational years for Students of Class I to V. It is a place where children imbibe a love for learning, expand their knowledge, thinking and skills. It lays emphasis on social and intellectual growth, moral values, shaping of personality and  character of a child.

The pastoral care meted out to the students is unmatched. We have a trained, experienced and dedicated team of 40 faculty members to look after nearly 600 Students. Classes I and II have mother teachers and Class III onwards have subject teachers for different disciplines. The Faculty is abreast with the latest technology and up-to-date with the ever changing and dynamic teaching and learning environment.

Junior Wing is a home away from home. A typical day at the Junior Wing is from 9.00 to 3.00. It begins with an assembly followed by regular schedule for academics, sports and other activities. Being a Day Boarding school we follow an intensive and long day schedule, two interim breaks are provided, one each for snacks and lunch. Due care is taken to ensure that the child is well looked after.

Children are natural scientists. We believe in recognizing unique capabilities in each student and encourage critical thinking, creativity, discovery, inquiry, discussion, analysis-based teaching and learning methods of holistic education. We adopt a comprehensive curriculum for both academic and non-academic disciplines. 

Visual and Performing Arts like Theatre Work, Indian & Western Music, Pottery Work, Dance are a part of the day’s routine and run parallel with the Academic curriculum.

Students acquire skills in physical education that includes different sports, health and nutrition, wellness, and fitness in order to evolve into a well-balanced individual. Sports is a regular subject and curriculum is graded for each class as per planned seasons.

Reading is an important aspect and there is a well-stocked Library at the Junior Wing and a class library made by students for each class.

Student’s mental health and well-being is of outmost importance, so our teacher student rapport and the counselling cell plays a very important role in making our students happy and active. A happy mind grows into a healthy body.

Our value education programme teaches children different life skills that helps to reconstruct their behavioural issues and imbibe important and essential values like compassion, gratitude, discipline, empathy, patience to name a few of them. 

We have a thorough assessment and review programme followed throughout the Academic year. We encourage parents to get equally involved with their child’s learning process. 

We provide our young learners with ample opportunities to apply what they have learnt in the form of Project displays, experiments, educational trips excursions and treks. Hobbies, Library activities, Science lab activities, classroom activities, Performing Arts, Circle time help in overall experiential and holistic growth.

Thus we provide a conducive environment to encourage self-learning, self-discipline and overall personality development of our students.

“Committed to equipping our children with a strong foundation towards building Global Citizens with Good Character”