Absence from School 

1. The very methodology that YPS adopts for transacting the curriculum for its students to effectively create their own skills and knowledge base as lifelong learners through independent yet aptly guided questioning and research, calls for 100% attendance, Hence YPS discourages absenteeism of any kind and considers absence from school to be a punishable offence whenever the same is not properly justified,

(a) All students must attend school for at least 90% of the stipulated working days. Failure to comply with this attracts the highest level of punitive action.

(b) Students are accountable for any absence from school and need to abide by all the systems for such accountability as required by the institution.

(c) The school does not approve of students being absent from school upto three days before the exams on days scheduled for the discussion of papers.

(d) If a student remains absent from school without any sanction of leave or sufficient cause for more than 2 days, the following action could be taken against him/her:

     (i) A fine of Rs. 100/- per day could be levied on the errant student.

     (ii) If the period of absence amounts to 10 days or more, he/she is liable to get his/her name struck off the school rolls.

     (iii) Further, if a student absents himself/herself from school just before or after a holiday, including Saturday and Sunday, and before the exams without any valid reason, a fine of Rs.100/ - per day could be levied.


2. Punctuality is essential in all activities undertaken at school andfailure to be punctual is considered a punishable offence and could well mean sending errant students back home.


3. All students must arrive at school at the time specified in the daily schedule of the school without fail. Whenever Students individually or in a group-represent school in a venue outside school in any event or competition or a field trip or an excursion, punctuality must strictly be maintained.


4. No leave is permitted on grounds other than for medical reasons. Parents/guardians should furnish the school with a letter requesting for leave immediately after the absence, due to medical reasons.


5. In case the leave of absence is due to any medical reason, a proper doctor's certificate must be attached to the letter.


Note: Parents are requested to use the leave format provided on page 35 of the school diary.


Early Leave Policy

1. Under normal circumstances, once a child comes to school, he /she may be collected only when the school is over. A child is usually not allowed to leave the school before the end of the school day. Only the Director is authorized to allow a student to leave the school premises during school hours under extra¬ordinary circumstances. The Deputy Headmistress or the Bursar is authorized to grant such permission on the Director's behalf if the Director is on leave.


2. In case a student is required to leave school before it gets over, the Parent/Guardian of the student concerned should approach the PA to the Director in person who either organizes a meeting with the Director and then obtains written permission from the Director-depending on the school wing that the concerned student belongs to.