Absence from School 

1. The methodology that YPS adopts for transacting the curriculum for its students to effectively create their own skills and knowledge base as lifelong learners through independent yet aptly guided questioning and research, calls for 100% attendance, Hence parents are required to ensure that their ward is punctual and regular in attendance to school. A minimum of 95% aggregate attendance is compulsory.

2. Leave will be considered only if applied for, on the prescribed Leave Application Form (Refer to Page no 35-40 of the School Diary) to the Class Teacher subject to approval by the Wing Head/ DHM and the Director. 

3. No leave is permitted on grounds other than for medical reasons.

4. Leave request for attending weddings, personal reasons or other functions and ceremonies during the term will not be considered unless it is of someone in the immediate family. Attending weddings and other functions out of station during school time, breaks routine and school discipline. Parents are requested most earnestly not to take their wards with them to attend such functions. A maximum of two days leave may be granted for the wedding of immediate family but prior sanction is a must, else Leave Application received later will not be entertained.

5. Students must fulfill the criteria of attendance i.e. 95% attendance. Students who fall short of attendance at the end of the year will not be allowed to sit for the Annual Examination. 

6. Leave applications must be submitted before proceeding on actual leave or immediately the next day when leave has been availed of and the class teacher has been intimated. 

7. Leave of absence will not be granted on the first and the last day of the school term.

8. Those students who are absent on the first day of the term will lose their seat unless a written application, stating a sound reason of absence is submitted to the office well in time and is approved by the School authorities. 

9. The school does not approve of students being absent from school upto three days before or after the examinations on days scheduled for revision or discussion of the question paper respectively.   

10. No extension of vacation/ break is allowed. Long absence to travel abroad should be planned during the summer or winter breaks.

11. If a student remains absent from school without any sanction of leave or sufficient cause for more than 2 days, the following action could be taken against him/ her:

i) A fine of ₹100/- per day will be levied.

ii) If the student is absent just before or after a holiday, including Saturday and Sunday or before the exams without any valid reason, a fine of ₹100 /- per day could be levied.

iii) If the period of absence amounts to 10 days or more without any written leave application, the name of the errant student will be struck off the School rolls. Re-admission will only be at the discretion of the Director and as per school rules.

12. Boarders returning late to school may have their names struck off the school rolls if the School Management has not been informed in time. 

13. Absentee fine will be billed into the school account. 

14. In case of medical emergency, parents must produce a post/ pre- treatment doctor’s certificate of a Registered Medical Practitioner to avail medical leave which should clearly state that the student is advised bed rest and the number of days.

15. For exemption from Games, the students must produce a doctor’s certificate to the effect that he/she is physically unfit. 

Early Leave Policy

In case of any extraordinary circumstances, if there is a need to leave the school early, then it will be allowed only at the discretion of the Director. If early leave is availed of, then Stayback will not be permitted unless approved by the Director.