Closely associated with the erstwhile royal state of Patiala, Yadavindra Public School, Mohali, was founded on April 9, 1979, under the aegis of Maharaja Amarinder Singh as a tribute to his father Maharajadhiraj Yadavindra Singh, the founder of Yadavindra Public School, Patiala.
The genesis of YPS, as a matter of fact, lies in the Aitchison College, Lahore (the only Public School in Pre-Partition Punjab), which is closely related to, bears a contrast to, and has played a great role in making of YPS. Maharajadhiraj Yadavindra Singh, the generous, bountiful and benign ruler of Patiala, had always envisioned quality education for the youth of this country irrespective of caste, creed or colour. Post partition, the idea and need for starting a public School on similar lines in Punjab(India) took shape.  He generously provided the much needed funds, facilities and infrastructure to start the new School. Thus, in 1948 Yadavindra Public School started in Patiala, in a princely state of, undoubtedly, great charm and proud lineage.
In the early 1960s when the vision of a new campus for YPS Patiala was envisioned, the government at that time announced the capital of Punjab at Chandigarh. The Board felt the opportunity to create a School in the vicinity of the new state capital. Thus came up YPS at Mohali. Though an independent identity, YPS Mohali is the sister School of YPS Patiala, and thus the governing body, structure, functioning, motto and logo of both the Schools is similar.
The British public schooling system acted as an inspiration for the school. Since its inception in 1979, YPS Mohali is a thriving legacy of the arrangement. It is one of the iconic educational institutes that has come to be synonymous with Mohali over the years. The school has strict rules when it comes to discipline. Initially, the school had a rich tradition of sending students to the forces. Though this has changed with many of its students preferring the corporate sector, the school retains its soft spot for the armed forces.
The school initially had just one block with two floors having three to seven classrooms and a strength of 300 students. But soon enough, it acquired a great reputation for the all-round development of its wards. At first, the school had only three houses named after Aitchison (yellow), Nalagarh (green), and Patiala (blue). Later two more houses named Ranjit (grey), after Maharaja Ranjit Singh, and Tagore (red) named after Rabindranath Tagore were also added. 
YPS today has a strength of around 1,800 students taught and looked after by an army of more than 200 faculty members and support staff. The School boasts of having one of best and well furnished academic and sports infrastructure in the region. It provides a host of facilities to its boarders and day boarders. All the students are provided with lunch in the school mess. Having lunch in the mess is mandatory, the aim being to inculcate table manners, harmony and equality in students. The school ensures that its students have access to a wide array of sporting facilities such as a lush green football field, cricket ground, squash court, lawn tennis court, clay court, and a basketball court besides a swimming pool and training in horse riding, et al.
Besides its excellent sporting facilities and a well-stocked pantry, the school also has several other facilities. The library for senior boys has more than 12,000 books. Apart from this, there is a dedicated library for each wing. The academic facilities include latest and well equipped labs for Science, Computers, Robotics and interactive digital equipment for classrooms. Co-curricular activites, hobbies, visual and performing arts, treks and tours, community service form an active and integral part of our curriculum.
YPS Mohali has evolved over a period of time and our goal has always been the all-round/holistic development of our students. This has been brought about by our relentless efforts to provide the best of education & infrastructure to our students. 
We create global citizens whose horizons extend beyond their geographical realms and whose emotional quotients enrich their academic lives with values of peace, tolerance and above all humanity. We want the development of each child to be such that it caters to today’s dynamic world. We sensitise and equip our students to fit into this technologically globalised world. 
YPS is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (ICSE), New Delhi till Class X, and to the Indian School Certificate (ISC) for Class XII.