Hobby classes are another regular feature of the school. These offer the students the freedom to express themselves, leading to a sense of accomplishment. Apart from art/craft-the usual hobbies in any school- here the students are offered the following hobbies :


Home management :- An introduction to the culinary arts-an all time favourite with girls & boys. A hobby that is essential for all as a preparation for setting up their own homes.
Handicraft:- Students are taught various forms of needle craft, stitch craft, and other forms of craft work.
Pottery :- The potter's wheel is a fascination for girls and boys.
Music (instrumental & Vocal) :- This hobby gives the student a wide choice of instruments on which to pay-the sitar, the violin, the tabla and the harmonium-to name a few. This repotiore for vocal music ranges from the classical 'Ranga' to the lighter "Ghazal', ‘Bhajan' and ‘Shabad'.
Paper recycling: An essential training these days to ensure that there is no wastage of anything in school and at home. Also the hobby gives an alternative to the use of polythene bags.
Environment Science: Love of environment needs to be taught at the school level itself. The hobby teaches respect and care for the environment for all times to come.
Computer Animation : An essential skill in the world of today.
Classical and Folk Dance: classical and all regional dance forms are offered to girls as well as boys. Along with the dance steps they also learn about the rich cultural heritage of their country.
Dress Designing: for those interested in entering the world of fashion.
GK Club: a knowledge of general and current affairs will always help a student anytime in life.
Debating Club: for a student who is keen to improve his/her communication skills and learn the art of public speaking.
Western Music : for students who wish to learn playing western musical instruments.
Language Club : Introducing French/German/Spanish from January 2009, during the Prep lesson an optional subject for classes VI to IX.