1. What is the school motto?
Overall development of child’s personality, that means both scholastic and non-scholastic aspect of personality growth are given a lot of importance.
2.  YPS, Mohali is affiliated to which board?
ICSE / ISC board, New Delhi.
3.  Which are the subjects to be studied in YPS from class I to X ?
English (1st  Language)
Punjabi ( 2nd Language)
Environmental Education (Compulsory)
Mathematics (Compulsory)
Science (Compulsory) 
Social Studies (Compulsory)
Computer Application (Compulsory)



4.  What is the routine followed in the school ?
Timings                          Sr.                                 Jr.                                KG
                                    8:10 am –                     9:00 am -                     9:00 am -
                                    4:15 pm                        3:00 pm                        12:00 am
Fruit Break                   10:30 am                      10:30 am                      10:30 am
Lunch                           Compulsory (as per the timetable)
Milk Time                     Compulsory (as per the timetable)
As proper meal is provided in the school along with timely snacks, we don’t have any canteen system.
5.  What is the role of games in the school curriculum?
Games are an integral part and are incorporated in the time table.
6.  How is the academic result of the school ?
Since its inception, the school result has mostly been 100%.
7.  Does school offers any hobbies to the students ?
For the development of creativity, one hour hobbies lesson is kept in the time table. Different hobbies offered are as follows :
Paper recycling, Pottery, Home management, Cooking, Folk dance, Western dance, Bhangra, Paper art, Music, Computer, Electronics, Theater etc.
8. Why is there no written home work in KG?
We believe in spending a fulfilling day with the child in school, imparting knowledge and enough information. Therefore we feel that the rest of the day spent with the parent should be be quality time for the parents and child where they spend time reading to their child and may be sharing their own invaluable knowledge with their child. This is more important than home work and will teach the child a lot.
9.  Can my child bring his own lunch box?
No we do not encourage the child to bring any food from home.
10. My child is in KG. Why doesn’t he tell me what he does during the day in school?
Your child is very small and has a tough time expressing himself, so try not to ask him about school. He/she will tell you himself/herself.
11. Can you give us the words and lyrics of the song and alymes done in class of KG?
We would like you to teach them your own songs. So we don’t send them home.
12. When can we meet the class teacher or kindergarten In-charge?
You can make an appointment through the school office or in emergencies come straight in to the office and ask to meet with the teacher.
13. My child is in KG. How to inform the class teachers if he is unwell?
The diary has applications at the back which you can fill  and submit to the teacher.
14. How do i know the gazetted holidays?
The diary has a list of holidays and each month has a day to day activity mentioned over there for information. The same can also be viewed on the wesite.
15. Can i bring an iced cake to celebrate my child’s birth day in class?
We prefer that the cake is without icing since it is very difficult to eat and cut in the class.
16. Can arrangements be made for the child to be picked up later than the other children due to the parent’s inability to arrive on time?
No we are sorry that the child can’t be picked up later than the stipulated time.
17. My child is in KG. Can my child be given or enrolled in a tuition?
We do not encourage any child to take tuition and would prefer that parents do not enroll them in any kind of Tuition facility.