Art & Craft



"In an art class the purpose should be to teach children to express their individual creativity through a visual language. In doing this, good teaching choices are to immerse the students in experience of the subject. This can be through asking them to express what they already know, using multi sensory subject matter that can be observed, or placing students in the context/setting of an experience”

The different methods of teaching Art & Craft were kept in mind while planning out activities to make an interactive environment where the students could be motivated to create and express their ideas freely through the medium.



The new term starts in January by teaching students to make colourful kites to celebrate Basant Panchami.  As a part of Holi celebrations in March they decorate the designs drawn on a sheet by pasting gulaal on it.




The masks, placards and buntings made by the student themselves help in decorating the stage for the ‘Song and Rhyme Day’ in April.

“Hands on training” help the students of Class IV-V to make models, charts and other display material which they used during their Project Display in the month of April.

The customized two sided wand depicting the Indian tri colour on one side and the sacred peacock feather made by Classes III – V on the other add to the patriotic fervor of Independence Day and celebrations of the traditional festival of Janamasthmi in the month of August.

The hand work created by each student as a part of their hobby classes through the year is beautifully displayed during the Visual Art and Craft Exhibition in the month of October. The Junior School corridors are transformed into an art gallery for the visiting parents.

Through out the year the students of Class III proudly carry back their own hand work (Masks, caps, crowns, flowers, baskets, puppets, faces, fans) home created in their craft classes.


The grand finale in the month of December is an art competition for the staff and students.