Senior School

YPS, in a true sense, is a second home for the students as they spend a large part of the day at school. The senior school hours are long and Day  Boarding and Boarding facilities and lunch are provided to the students. Each day at the YPS senior school is a well-balanced mix of sports, co-curricular activities and academics. A typical day at the YPS senior school is from 8 am to 4:10 pm . 
The day begins with assembly and then we have one-hour lectures for each subject. There is a fruit break and a lunch break for the students to refresh themselves, a prep lesson and an hour long, class-wise games period everyday in which students play a range of games like football, basketball, tennis, squash and cricket. Children are taught each subject with multimedia aids and practical demonstrations and professional coaches guide each sports activity of every child.
Our school year begins in January and the first term focuses more on sports and co-curricular activities. The Annual Founders Day Celebrations, followed by the YPS Extravaganza and the Annual Athletic Meet, the Inter House Basketball and Cricket Matches keep the entire school busy and active throughout the term. A variety of co-curricular activities including Inter-House Quiz’s, Math Olympiads and Declamations are held

The second term focuses on academics with few other activities including the Annual Oxford Style Debates. After exercising their minds for the mid-term examinations, students embark on their venture into the Himalayas during the

much-anticipated Annual Trekking Break. Classes VI to VIII are sent to organized camps to train them and accustom them to the mountains. Senior students take up High-Altitude treks to some of the most scenic places in the region.
After the relaxing summer vacations, the corridors of YPS come alive again, with their characteristic buzz of activity as the Inter House Dramatics, Spelling Bee, Inter House Football and Hockey Tournaments are held. At the end of the year, with all the activities over, the students gear up for taking their final exams in December.
The senior school has an enormous collection of books and magazines in the library and well equipped labs for computers, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
Throughout the Year students of YPS are involved in Social and Cultural activities. Under the International Award for Young People, students of YPS visit different locations in the city and help serve the underprivileged.
Various Hobbies ranging from Paper Recycling, Pottery, Cooking and Serving to Bhangra, Indian Classical Dance and Western Dance are offered to the students for the development of their talent and for their recreation. .
Our school has its own Eco-Club and a special herb garden. Students actively participate in tree plantation drives and clean up drives in areas around the school and even other polluted parts of the city.