Policies: School Philosophy

1. Yadavindra Public School (YPS) - SAS Nagar (Mohali) is primarily a sourcefully organized community of learners, educators and others that support the process of creative learning. As a premiere educational institution, YPS promotes an environment that provides the comfort, safety and security essential to every member of a community. The school takes appropriate corrective measures that could well be reformative in nature.

(a) Students of YPS always aspire to be honest, responsible and accountable for whatever they do.

(b) Everyone in the YPS community - individually and collectively focuses on engendering and sustaining a sense of belonging, friendship, camaraderie and commonly shared goals and values.

(c) Every member of the YPS community - individually and collectively-takes active steps to ensure that all others feel comfortable, safe and secure within this community.

(d) The YPS community is made up of egalitarian people that believe in upholding all the democratic rights and never discriminate between people on the basis of their nationality, regional-affiliation, skin colour, religion, caste, creed and economic status.

2. Students are systematically trained to be cultured and sophisticated in their overall attitude, response, behaviour and manners. Whenever norms of refined conduct are not adhered to, the school takes appropriate corrective measures that if required could well be punitive in nature.

3. At YPS :

(a) Students habitually aspire to achieve the highest levels of behaviour in terms of their speech as well as their body language in keeping with the best of Indian as well as international traditions and customs.

(b) In keeping with the requirements of a good English medium institution, all students make it a point to converse among themselves in English at all times. Speaking the vernacular language is strongly discouraged.

(c) Students must cultivate and demonstrate the best of table manners and etiquette when they eat. Students maintain decorum during all meals at the Dining Hall (Mess). During snack break or milk time, the students not only receive their share of food in an orderly manner but also ensure that they keep the surroundings absolutely neat and tidy.

(d) Students, without fail, accord all members of the staff and fellow students, seniors and juniors - the proper respect and courtesy that they deserve at all times.

(e) Bullying in any form-verbal, psychological, physical or social is strongly condemned.

4. YPS is a co-educational institution in the true sense of the word where boys and girls are considered equals in terms of all activities undertaken and in every way possible. Boys and Girls of YPS develop and enjoy a very healthy, decent and cultured relationship.