1. Parents are requested to check their child's diary regularly for entries.

2. Parents are advised to spend quality time with their wards to instil confidence and motivation.

3. Parents are requested to help their child to make and implement a study time table and thereby create a positive environment where the child can study independently.

4. Daily attendance is necessary for continuity and steady progress. Hence the children should be sent to school regularly.

5. Parents are requested to be present in all the meetings, interact with teachers, take the feedback in a constructive manner, work on suggestions recorded by teachers and to collect progress report in person. Progress card will not be handed over to students as it is compulsory for parents to attend all parent teacher meetings.

6. Parents are advised to educate their wards to respect civic rules by not allowing minors to drive two wheelers like motorbikes or four-wheeler vehicles.

7. Criticism of the teacher or the institution in the presence of their children should be scrupulously avoided because it may cause loss of respect for their teacher as well as the school.

8. Only the parents and guardians of students are allowed to meet the school administration and teaching faculty. Siblings or other family members will not be entertained.

9. Early leave is to be availed only during emergencies. Requests for early leave will not be entertained for family functions, appointments etc.

10. Parents are requested to communicate with teachers using the parent teacher interaction on page 166 of the student diary.

11. Parents are requested to seek appointments with teaching faculty prior to visiting the school and adhere to the stipulated school visiting hours.

12. All parents must ensure that their child attends all school activities mentioned in the school calendar, absenteeism must be avoided.

13. Parents should not send cash for fee payment or any other purpose. All money transactions should be via cheque.

14. Parents are expected to visit school only on the assigned days and time as stated on the school website.