Junior School

The Junior Wing of YPS is a happy place, where great care is taken to safeguard the emotional and physical well being of a child. There is no bias on account of caste, gender, mother tongue, ability and background of the child.
A typical day at the Junior Wing begins with an assembly and a prayer, followed by a hymn and/or a fun song. Children are encouraged to participate in the popular ‘Show and Tell’ activity which encourages speaking skills besides confidence buildings.
English Language and Maths are on the Time Table everyday. Reading is an important aspect of learning any language, and there is a well stocked Library at the Junior School. Besides reading books and journals here, the children listen to stories, play interactive indoor games and solve puzzles during their Activity Period. The equipment used for these activities has been carefully selected to stimulate both their cognitive and physical development.
Hobbies like Art and Craft, Theatre Work, Indian Music, Pottery Work, Dance, Green Club are a part of the day’s routine and run parallel with the academic curriculum.
Our annual calendar has a Song and Rhyme Day for Classes I II and III, a Visual and Performing Arts Exhibition where all our hobby classes put up their shows, and, the Annual Junior School Play.
Children are natural scientists, and at YPS they are encouraged to explore and observe, use their logic, analyze and then come to conclusion. We provide our young learners with ample opportunities to apply what they have learnt in the form of Project displays and Experiments conducted.
To be a caring citizen of this world, it is important to understand our culturally diverse country first. At YPS we encourage our children to first explore their immediate environment and then their city, state, country and the world. Festivals and national events are celebrated with great enthusiasm and all the children participate enthusiastically.
At the Junior School we aim to build a strong Mathematics foundation in our children. We encourage learning of new concepts through activities using Maths games equipment, puzzles and worksheets and creating real life situations.
Ongoing Assessment is a very important aspect for both the learner and the teacher. The work done in all the subjects (academic and non academic) is reviewed periodically and discussed with students and parents.
We believe that the parents need to get involved with their children’s learning process and so provide an opportunity for the same in the form of Homework. Homework is set for approximately 25 minutes to 45 minutes of work depending on the class. Parents are expected to go through and sign all the work sent home for their perusal. Homework also encourages self study for the student.
At the Junior School, sports is taught as a subject. The sports curriculum is graded for each class and based on skill development. There is a Games period allocated on all days and children are expected to play and participate in all events.
Athletic Meet, Cross Country, Inter House Cricket, Basket Ball, Hockey and Football matches are a part of our yearly calendar.
Coaching is imparted to the students of Classes I, II, III in Tennis by certified coaches from the Chandigarh Lawn Tennis Association. From Class IV onwards, tennis is optional. 
Students of I and II also have gymnastics in their curriculum. As a part of leadership and team building exercises, and to break away from the day to day monotony our students go on a three days trek. This important event on our school calendar is keenly looked forward to by all the children.
Picnics and excursions form another very popular agenda of our yearly plan, where, children are taken out of school for the day on a planned activity. This not only helps in bonding amongst different groups of students, but also strengthens the teacher – student bond. Occasional movies shown in school, the Annual School Fete, the Pagal Gymkhana are some of the other activities our children enjoy through the year. 
The Junior School works from 9:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m. We have two breaks in between. The first break is called the Fruit Break, where a fresh snack is provided to all the students. The Lunch Break sees the children walk into the Dining Hall for a hot well balanced meal served to them on their tables. A healthy body and a healthy mind! We firmly believe in that. Just before the children board the buses to leave for home a glass of hot/cold flavored milk is served to them.