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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

It was a proud moment for YPS, an institution that has truly upheld the values of Knowledge, Humility and Courage – Vidya, Vinay, Veerta when they celebrated their 40th Founder's Day today. Speaking on the occasion, the chief guest, Lt. Gen. Chetinder Singh complimented the school fraternity and inspired the teachers by apprising them of the important role they play in a student's life when they balance "chalks, computers and challenges". He also praised the students' multifarious achievements and their mesmerizing art, music and dance performances. He remarked that like the army, YPS was an institution that has attracted generation after generation of smart and capable people who have done their country proud.


The function began with the traditional academic procession of the teachers, followed by the reading of the school report by the Director. The senior school head boy, Tanvir Mangat; head girl, Agamnoor and the sports captain, Mankeerat Narang as well as the co-curricular captains, Gunjeev Bhullar and Pavit Kaur highlighted the achievements of the school. The reports of the junior school  read by Inaya Aggarwal and Aryan Pant as well as the  kindergarten reports were received with enthusiastic rounds of applause from the parents.


The highlights this year have been addition of substantial infrastructure, solar paneling for self-reliance in its energy needs and being declared the most eco-friendly school. YPS Mohali was also declared the best school in the region in a Times NIE survey and a survey by The Tribune. It was gratifying to witness the state and national level accolades won by its students in sports, curricular and co-curricular activities at all levels which has also made the Yadavindrian fraternity proud.


The reports were followed by a medley of music and dance. An 80-member orchestra delighted the audience with a presentation in Raag Desh and Raag Hamsadhvani. The Junior School choir stole the hearts of the audience with their performance ‘A Million Dreams’ The audience was left spellbound as they took a flight of fancy riding piggyback on the choir’s wings as they then performed ‘Uro!’


The senior school girls added a dash of colour and ethnicity by an uplifting dance to the tunes of ‘Murshid Khele Hori’. The fiesty bhangra dancers enlivened the atmosphere with their joie de vivre. The much-awaited prize giving ceremony saw students both past and present carry forward the torch of meritorious conduct and accomplishments, vying to keep the YPS banner flying high. As the Master of Ceremonies, proposed a vote of thanks, Yadavindrians reiterated their pledge to excel at everything this year too, which is being celebrated as ‘The Year of Excellence’.