Inauguration of Learning Centre

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

In an initiative towards inclusive education, the School Principal Dr.Dhillon inaugurated a special learning centre for students with difficulties in learning.

The inauguration was followed by a presentation orienting schoolteachers about identifying children with difficulties in learning. They were also told about the ways and methods to deal with such students within the classroom and the role of he learning centre. 

While addressing the staff the principal described the moment as one of the happiest in his career as an educationalist. Our school happens to be the only school in Punjab to have a fully equipped learning centre for the students, providing remediation, support, and counseling facilities for all its students from kindergarten to class XII.

The center aims at catering to specific need s of students with learning difficulties ranging from severe dyslexia to mild form of attention deficits.

The learning center, which has a full time counselor and two special educators, would also work to spread awareness about learning difficulties and scientific study techniques among parents, teachers and students.