School Scholarships and Awards

Yadavindra Public School is proud to announce the introduction of School Scholarships and Awards under various categories for its students.

The categories are as defined:


(a) MERIT BASED SCHOLARSHIP: These Scholarships are to be awarded for excellence in individual academic performance.  Merit will be defined as a minimum of 90% and above score. Three Scholarships per class will be awarded for Classes VII to XII based on the previous year’s performance. The top three students scoring 90% and above per class (not section) will be eligible.
Scholarship will be in the form of an exemption of 25% of the School tuition fee for the given year.

(b) ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP: Within the ambit of this Award, one student would be selected on Merit basis subject to the Alumni making funds available for this Scholarship.


(a) AWARD FOR THE ‘NICEST’ STUDENT: 1 (One) Award is to be given to the ‘Nicest’ Student of the year. This Award would entail an award of Rs. 20,000/- for the given year.
The awardees will be selected by the students of Class XII who will vote to nominate three names for the Award. A final decision for awarding the ‘Nicest’ student of the year would be made by a panel of the Senior School teaching faculty nominated by the Scholarships Screening Committee. This award would be applicable only to Class XII.

(b) AWARD FOR THE BEST INNOVATIVE STUDENT: 1 (One) Award for any exceptional innovative work in form of a project, research or an experiment in any subject. This Award would entail an award of Rs. 20,000/-, subject to final selection made by the Scholarships Screening Committee, in a given year. This is not a yearly Award


•    All Scholarships and Awards are for only one academic session.
•    The Scholarships and Awards will only be in the form of a school tuition fee waiver and not granted in cash.
•    The final decision of awarding a Scholarship will be at the sole discretion of the Headmaster after consultation with the Scholarships Selection Committee.